Quotation and tendering exercises conducted by Rushcliffe Borough Council are now done electronically by default.  The purpose of this is to ensure the procurement process is lean and efficient, and ensures that opportunities are accessible to as many organisations as possible including small and medium enterprises (SME’s).


The e-procurement system used by Rushcliffe is also used by a large portion of other Local Authorities across the east midlands.  The web portal promotes opportunities to suppliers via the eastmidstenders.org website, so when the Council needs quotations or conducts a tendering exercise, opportunities can be advertised and made available within the portal.

In order to get access to any potential opportunity from the website, you will be required to register.  The process takes a few minutes and is absolutely free.  You only need to register once per company to receive emailed notifications of invitations to participate, requests for information, and receive decision notifications.  For more information and to register, visit the website https://www.eastmidstenders.org/