This workshop will offer attendees the chance to apply the ‘six principles of spreadable marketing’ to capture the attention of customers, clients and suppliers and turn them into powerful advocates for your business or organisation. The event will take place at the Broadway Cinema in Nottingham. Refreshments and lunch are included.


Research shows that people spend an average of 10.7 hours a day with content. Yet it has never been easier to avoid traditional advertising. A really effective communications strategy needs to harness the power of ‘spreadable marketing’ – text, still image and video content that your customers, clients and suppliers want to view and share with others.

Previous delegates described this workshop as ‘absolutely superb‘, ‘amazing‘ and ‘thought provoking with plenty of practical exercises‘, praising the knowledge of the ‘very engaging presenters‘ who ‘knew more about marketing than the so-called gurus!‘, so don’t miss out on the opportunity to take part in this fantastic session!

If you attended the previous DTNA workshop, Discover: Engaging Audiences through Communication, you can bring the persona you’ve developed along with you, and work more with them—or choose to focus on a new section of your audience. Attendance at the previous workshop is not required for Spreadable Marketing!

The workshop will cover:

  1. 1. Thinking about your customers, clients and suppliers as an audience:
  • Who do you want to engage with (i.e. who is your audience)?
  • What are your audience’s need states? Where are they, where do they hang out, what are their interests, what do they like to do, what do they want?
  1. 2. Developing content ideas for your audience:
  • What kinds of content might you produce that might speak to your audience?
  • What kind of content might spread, and how does that content fulfil the need states of your audience?
  1. 3. Distributing content for your audience:
  • What channels to use (e.g. YouTube, website etc)?
  • What time of day to distribute? What day of the week to distribute? The importance of tapping into cultural events and being timely.

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